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the referendum


Blair's administration sends twelve policemen to help in the UN supervised referendum in August 1999. Doubtless fluent in Tetum, they will be able to reassure the population that the Hawks and military all sorts recently flogged to ABRI will never be used against the Timorese as happened continuously throughout the 80's. (See Hansard).
On April 6th 1999 in the church of Liquica sixty-seven people were shot or hacked to death. On August 30th, after months of murder and terror, the referendum was held. 98.6% of the population voted. On September 4th the UN announced the results. 78% had voted for independence.
Whereupon, in full view of the (for once assembled) world's media, the T.N.I. (ARBRI re-named) and it's militias proceeded to torch East Timor to the ground.
War in East Timor
Our heroic western leaders were thus faced with an Orwellian paradox:- having aided and abetted the genocide for nigh-on quarter of the century, they suddenly found they were having to lend their support to its end. However, the volte face being politician's strongest suit, this presented few difficulties.
In mid-September, after elegant financial diplomacy which included Clinton threatening to withhold billions in aid, a UN force was finally allowed into the destroyed country. 500 000 had been forced to leave their homes, 250 000 had been herded at gun point into West Timor where 130 000 still remain in refugee camps guarded by the militias. To add to the Kafkaesque nature of the undertaking, the 7000 peacekeepers were lead by Australians. One set of thieves slunk away while their accomplices marched in as saviours.
voting in East Timor
Blair's contribution was 144 Gurkhas and, along with the rest of the EU, a three months arms sales ban. Normal service has now been resumed with lots of military all-sorts which should pay for the Gurkhas. The arms will be used by the Indonesian military and police to continue to murder the citizens of the archipelago from West Papua to Aceh as they have done for the last thirty-five years. The oil companies continue to thieve the oil of the East Timorese and the West's reaction is SORTED.